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Welcome to my second contribution to open web design. Hope you enjoy this template as well. You are free to use and change this template as you like. But please leave the link to my site in the RightBox. And of course I like to hear your comments. Don't hesitate to contact me.

How will your images be shown

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This paragraph starts below the floating image above due to the classification "begin". An easy way to control your paragraphs and floating images.

And a bunch of none floating images.

(Un)ordered lists will look like this

  • List item I
  • List item II
  • List item III
  • List item IV
  • List item V
  1. List item I
  2. List item II
  3. List item III
  4. List item IV
  5. List item V

The blockquote

Ohhh ... before I forget to tell you: English is not my native language. But I hope I have been able to make myself understood.

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